Upcoming Batches
ENGLISH MORNING (EM) - ONLINE 10:00/10:40 AM TO 2:45 PM 28 April 2024 Online Judicial Services 0
ENGLISH EVENING (EE) - ONLINE 3:50 PM TO 8:05 PM 28 April 2024 Online Judicial Services 0
ENGLISH EVENING (EE) - ONLINE 3:50 PM TO 8:05 PM 26 May 2024 Online Judicial Services 0
ENGLISH MORNING (EM) - ONLINE 10:00/10:40 AM TO 2:45 PM 21 July 2024 Online Judicial Services 53 Join
ENGLISH EVENING (EE) - ONLINE 3:50 PM TO 8:05 PM 28 July 2024 Online Judicial Services 38 Join
1.This admission is only for online course. Through this admission only online classes will be provided and there is no provision for offline( physical classroom) classes through this admission. Shifting from online batch to offline batch later will not be allowed in any case. Study material will be available in PDF format in app and also we will send hard copy through courier at your registered address. Test papers and monthly current affair's magazine will be provided in soft copy format through our app.
2. The dates of the batches mentioned above are tentative dates and they may get extended by 10 to 20 days, or even more than that in very extraordinary circumstances. In cases of force majeure (earthquake, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, flood, illness of teacher etc.,) the commencement of the course may get delayed by a few months also. The students have to confirm the actual date of commencement of the batch from the office, a week before the dates given above.
3. In every time slot, normally ( not always) there will be two parallel classes of approximately 1:30-2:00 hours each with a break in between. The duration of classes may be increased also.
4. The live classes can be streamed through Android Phone/ Tablet, iPhone/iPad, and Window's laptops only. You have to register only one device for live classes. It will not be streamed on MacBook and desktop.
5. The recorded lectures (VODs) will remain there, for 7 days only(It can be played only one time in VOD).
6. ENGLISH MEDIUM FEE DETAILS FOR ONLINE CLASSES: Total fee-Rs. 3,17,500/-(inclusive of GST)-Break up-1st instalment-Rs. 50,000/-(to be paid at the time of registration); 2nd instalment -Rs. 2,17,500/-(to be paid before commencement of classes); 3rd instalment-Rs. 50,000/-(to be paid within one month of commencement of classes).
7. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd installment of fees as explained above shall be made by Online or NEFT method in the Name of 'Rahul's IAS' only. The bank account no. for NEFT transfer can be collected from the office. No cash payment will be accepted.
8. The institute shall not be responsible/liable in any manner for non completion of the course in stipulated time if it becomes unable to complete due to any FORCE MAJEURE EVENT (earthquake, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, flood, illness of teacher, some technical problems, etc.,).
9. The teachers of the various subjects may be changed if required.
10. The course duration is approximately 2 years & it may get extended further 4-5 months on reasonable grounds. The students of online batches shall/may be required to attend one or two big subjects in another batch to effectively complete the course.
* EE-English Evening Batch (3:50 PM - 8:05 PM) ; EM English Morning Batches (10:00/10:40 AM - 2:30/2:45 PM)
NOTE: Before proceeding to press the ‘JOIN’ button, you must ensure that you have read all the above guidelines and the rules and regulations for Online classes and the other tabs on our website thoroughly and you agree to the same. You also understand that there is no option of shifting from online to offline/physical classes in any circumstances.